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Our Homes, Our Voices National Call-In Day and Tweetstorm

Over the last several days, advocates and activists have planned and participated in over 110 local events all over the country highlighting the need for more resources for affordable homes. The Our Homes Our Voices National Housing Week of Action will continue until May 8. If there was no local event for you to join this year, fear not! The upcoming week includes opportunities for all advocates to join in calling for increased affordable housing investments.


Call your members of Congress tomorrow! Monday, May 7, is the Our Homes, Our Voices national call-in day. Tell them to fully invest in affordable housing programs that help low income families thrive. Be sure they know that federal investments in affordable housing have widespread and significant benefits to constituents in your community. From employment and economic mobility to health and education, all areas of life are improved when individuals and families have access to decent and stable homes.

A sample script is available at:

Additional talking points can be found at:

Find the phone numbers for your elected officials here.


Participate in a Tweetstorm to wrap up Week of Action on Tuesday, May 8, from 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET. Continue to use #OurHomesOurVoices and tag @OurHomesVoices. Tweet at members of Congress with personal stories and facts about how affordable homes create long-term positive outcomes in communities across the U.S. Share the social media images, fact sheet, and infographics available on the Our Homes Our Voices national events page.

Don’t tweet? Share sample messages and images on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, tag your member of Congress, and use #OurHomesOurVoices.


Saturday, May 5 was another day of robust actions throughout the country, with 24 events calling for more investments in affordable housing solutions. A few examples:

Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern (D) rallied with the community and city council members on the steps of City Hall. They were joined by Representative Michael Capuano (D), who spoke to his constituents about the life-changing impact of subsidized housing programs. Mr. Capuano spoke also about the ongoing threats to housing programs from the Trump administration and efforts by leaders in Congress to bring about securing another successful funding bill for HUD.

Beautiful day for a rally in Cambridge during Affordable Housing Week of Action. Too many families can't afford to stay in their communities because costs are too high. We can solve this by increasing investment in housing programs.
You can view this tweet here:

Resident leaders and concerned community members gathered at a Mercy Housing subsidized housing site for seniors. More than 50 people attended sessions throughout the day to share their stories, learn about federal housing policy, register to vote, and discuss solutions. Pat Soberanis, a resident of the Maria B. Freitas Senior Community, planned the event and provided key information during the teach-in.

@OurHomesVoices Delivered neighbor Jes’s Heart Card, where he collected all our stories, to our Rep. Jared Huffman’s aide Amy Schroeder at our Open House for Affordable Housing. #OurHomesOurVoices @RepHuffman
You can view this tweet here:

Local advocates in Nashville were joined by tenant leaders, convening in town for a Right to the City Southern Assembly. The event provided a response to Mayor Briley’s “State of Metro” address.

Alison from Housing Justice League in Atlanta speaks tells the crowd in Nashville that #affordablehousing needs to be for the most vulnerable people living between 0% & 30% of area median income. #OurHomesOurVoices @HFA_RenterPower

In Cincinnati, the Jurisdiction-wide Resident Advisory Board rallied public housing residents to resist proposed rent increases and budget cuts.

The Rutgers Houses Resident Association in New York City organized a rally at the Alfred E. Smith Houses. Residents, representing three boroughs, united to protect their homes and their communities.

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